SWIR cameras for laser gated imaging

SWIR cameras for laser gated imaging


Laser gated imaging is an active imaging technique that dates back to the 1960s. It has a couple of advantages over traditional imaging as it does not rely on any natural light sources or thermal emissions. Nowadays laser gated imaging is often used for long-range observation for security and target identification, imaging in adverse weather and/or atmospheric conditions, active polarimetry and 3D imaging.

The new Bobcat-320-Gated SWIR camera is specially designed for these applications. It has special features like

  • Extreme hort exposure time (100 nsec)
  • Trigger-in and jitter-free trigger-out
  • Programmable trigger-out delay between the internally generated trigger-out pulse and the start of the integration. 

Read the complete application note here


Laser gated imaging The Bobcat-320-Gated is a SWIR camera designed for laser gated imaging in the SWIR. This active imaging technique has a lot of advantages over traditional imaging.

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Xeneth LabVIEW软件开发套件(SDK)

Xenics摄像机的LabVIEW工具套件可提供 高水平的范例以及低水平的VI案例,便于编程人员将Xenics 摄像机集成到他们使用LabVIEW编写的软件 应用中。

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